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Leadership & Management


Many executives are promoted to be a manager without the necessary skill and knowledge, and that bring unnecessary stress, conflicts and failure for their organization. People don’t resign from a job or company. Often, people resign from people, and in this case, their managers. We expect leaders and managers to be able develop strategy, plan, manage the operation and solve problems, but we all know that require people beyond just the managers alone. People are the source of key resources, opportunities, information, and the like. No matter how brilliant the manager’s mind or strategy, if they’re playing a solo game, they’ll always lose out to a team.Read More



The Gen Y Factor


Unlike the generations that have gone before them, Gen Y has been pampered, nurtured and programmed with a slew of activities since they were toddlers, meaning they are both high-performance and high- maintenance. Gen Y‘s emergence in the workforce is a huge strategic opportunity for an employer to create short – term gains as well as position themselves for a long – term competitive advantage if they know how to employ, manage and harness their potential.Read More





Creativity & Innovation @ Work


Where does innovation end and where do we begin? Innovation is a complicated and continuing process that demands individual and organizational creativity. To find refreshing authentic originals we need to rediscover purpose, meaning and identity. As individuals, our ability to communicate ‘the potentially creative’ fuels the organization’s innovative capacity. Only creativity can provide the transforming idea that makes a great company and leaves competitors trying to catch up. This is borne out as much in science and art as it is in business.Read More




Igniting Gen Y Graduates


Today, the average youth is terrified about growing up because they see the world around them as being totally out of control and opportunities for them to find their niche are growing more and more scarce. Whether a teen is struggling to succeed academically, trying to find fulfillment socially or stuck needing to make critical decisions, our program makes a substantial difference in their lives. Armed with confidence, decisiveness, clarity and discipline they gain from our workshop, they regularly go on to achieve true personal success in the areas of life that truly matter.Read More