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Recent survey done by Jobstreet.com shows that more than 50% of the employer in Malaysia feel that the fresh graduate quality is lower than the previous year. At every HR conference or summit, the theme is almost always about fresh graduate not prepare for the working world. Why is that? Today, the average youth is terrified about growing up because they see the world around them as being totally out of control and opportunities for them to find their niche are growing more and more scarce. Whether a teen is struggling to succeed academically, trying to find fulfilment socially or stuck needing to make critical decisions, our program makes a substantial difference in their lives. Armed with confidence, decisiveness, clarity and discipline they gain from our workshop, they regularly go on to achieve true personal success in the areas of life that truly matter.




Creating Your Future

Knowing how to set and achieve goals is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial skills you can develop during your lifetime. Without goals you end up leading a much different kind of life, often filled with on-going boredom and dissatisfaction. However, even with goal, most of us do not work on it, be it motivation, the know-how and not knowing whether the goal is align to what we truly want. This workshop is popular among the youth as it help them to see what they can truly be and how to achieve what they truly desire.


Resume & Interview Skill

This workshop is unlike other workshops that teach youth on how to write a resume and attend an interview. The content of this workshop were developed based on industry knowledge on howcompany select and hire people, and from the trainer experience on how one sell themselves through the resume and interview. It involves not only the technical aspect but psychologically one too. Many could not get their dream job, not because of their talent but their inability to create the right perception through their resume and being misunderstood in the interview process.


Communication & Relationship Building

Ask any experienced workers, and they will tell you, communication and networking is the most important skill in the business world. However, where do one learn this skill other than trial and error? You may have the brightest and most innovative ideas, but one can’t articulate and present it, then no one will appreciate it. Whatever we do in life or the work we do, there is one common thing…we are need to work with people! This workshop allows participant to learn the art of communication whether in formal or casual environment and the techniques to build lasting rapport with anyone they meet in life.


Creative & Critical Thinking

At recent HR forum, the questions were raised whether English or critical thinking is more important in the business world. Almost all agree that English is still a concern in Malaysia but the lack of critical and creative thinking that are essential for problem solving is the upmost important. This workshop opens up the mind of the participant and help them to realize that academic excellence does not guarantee success if one do not know how to utilize their thinking creatively.


Personal Grooming

“They have no respect in authority by the way they dress” A comment made by one of the leading University in this country. How could one learn how to dress when their entire life until now, dress in shorts, jeans and t-shirt. We assume that all of us know how to dress up but it is a skill to know how to groom to project an image of confidence and competency. First impression is important, they said. So, why leave it to chance or do it by trial and error where you can learn the science and art of personal grooming.



Hi sifu! You really amaze me by making me realized how important was my life.

M. Mazhar – University Malaya

M. Mazhar – University Malaya

M. Eva – International Medical University

You promise that we gonna get some calls for interview if we follow your advices. True enough I have gotten several interview offers one month later.

Alyaa – Taylor’s University

I’m really glad for attending your workshop today, it’s a really nice one and I like it so much! Initially I thought it would be another boring session like lectures but this one is definitely not. I like your method. Thank you

Mun Choong – Sunway University

Hi Daryl I attended your workshop yesterday and i have to say you are one of the most inspirational speaker I’ve ever met. The best part of the talk was about creativity as i used to always perceive my creativity switch should be turn off since I entered accounting field. The talk really encourage me to enhance my creativity and strive for what i really want in life.

Diya Ayuni – University Malaya

Hi Daryl, a thousand thanks for taking your quality time to share on resume writing and interview workshop at UM weeks ago. It was an awesome sharing with the students and I really dipped myself in your informative talks and gained a lot, not only regarding the resume writing and interview, but also other aspects for me to self-reflect and further improve.

Zhiyang – Inti Univesity