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Generation Y are the fastest growing segment in Malaysia’s work- force, occupying almost two third of our workforce*. However, Gen Y’s approach to employment can make them a challenge for managers and executives to attract, retain, motivate, and develop. Unlike the generations that have gone before them, Gen Y has been pampered, nurtured and programmed with a slew of activities since they were toddlers, meaning they are both high-performance and high- maintenance. Gen Y‘s emergence in the workforce is a huge strategic opportunity for an employer to create short – term gains as well as position themselves for a long – term competitive advantage if they know how to employ, manage and harness their potential.




Managing Y In The Workplace

This informative, engaging and entertaining program combines relationship building with no-fluff research on how to raise your awareness about this generation, how to attract them to your organization like a magnet, engage them from day one, bring out their talent, motivate and retain them. The workshops will reveals a step-by-step methodology for managing productive, highperforming Gen Y employees—and how to do so without investing a lot of time or money.


Coaching Gen Y

They are born in the era of LOL and ROFL. And their idol ranges from Steve Jobs to Justin Bieber to Angry Birds to Transformer. Learn the technique to build a rapport, engage and drive them to perform to the highest standard they set for themselves.. The question is, as a leader, are you competent enough to be their coach? Unlike other coaching workshop, this workshop focuses on how to coach Gen Y using the language and communication method that they will appreciate and understand.


Bridging The Gap: Attract & Retain Gen Y

Gen Y are the success factor behind companies like Google and Facebook. They are the driving force of the market and industry. And for your organization to be relevant today, you have to employ them. HR need to change the way they recruit and retain Gen Y as they are attracted to totally different thing and monetary is not a pull factor for them. Learn the new technique to attract them to your organization and program you can develop to retain them, without additional cost to your budget.


Leading The Generation Mix

One of the main challenges for today’s leader is to balance the needs and demand from staff of the different generation. The generation gap could be as wide as the Grand Canyon! One believes in hard work takes time where the other feels that everything should be instant. This workshop will give audience the tools and knowledge on how to manage a team consists of baby boomer, Gen X and Gen Y and position you as the leader that they admire regardless of which generation that comes from.


Igniting Y Leadership

This workshop targets Gen Y themselves, preparing them to be the next generation leaders. Most agree that Gen Y has the potential to be the best as they can be, but ask any Gen Y and they will say that they do not know what they need to develop in order to be successful. They may not even know what success means? They are determined to be someone in society and this workshop allows them to be a true self-mastery, identifying their strength and how they can contribute and grow with your organization. This workshop is very popular with the Gen Y in Malaysia and has gained a strong demand for it among Universities and private sector.